Affixit Craft, Quality Craft Adhesives, Sticky Tapes & Foam Pads Direct from our UK Factory

Please do not interpret our low prices as an indication of low quality, we have eliminated costs by giving you the chance to buy direct from a BRITISH Manufacturer
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Firstly I'd like to thank you for visiting our website and for your support over the years.

I know our fans are going to love this site and for our new friends I can assure you that you have found yourself a fantastic source of amazing products at prices you won't believe!

So what do we do & how do we do it?

Well, firstly we have a factory based in Haverhill, Suffolk where we make lots of adhesive tapes, and are able to cut these into all sorts of shapes and sizes...sound exciting??
Probably not and believe me it's a real conversation killer when meeting new people....
'So what do you do?'
'We make sticky tape'

Immediately you see their eyes scanning the room trying to find something interesting to say or ask about sticky tape, so I tend to try and change the conversation as quickly as I can to minimise their embarassment (being British we can always talk about the weather!)

Now to our crafting friends I know that sticky tape isn't boring to you so we have something in common already!
There is so much more that I can teach you about which adhesives to use for your projects, why some work & others don't, let alone all the jargon that needs explaining in the world of all things sticky.
My aim is to to explain all this to you so you can make informed decisions about the adheisves & tapes you wish to use.

Why so cheap?

We make everything ourselves, many of our products you will see sitting on the shelves of Supermarkets & Craft Shops with different branding (we do this too design, print, pack & distribute)
Our machines are designed to run large volumes, which ultimatley reduces the cost, we pass these savings on to you.
The traditional method of buying anything follows a pattern like this, remember all of the parties involved will need to make profit in order to pay their Staff, Rent, Heating and Advertising Costs etc....

Order is placed with the Manufacturing Company by Leading Brand Company
Goods Leave Manufacturing Company - Ready for Retail
(This includes packaging which at the end of the day you will throw in the bin)
Goods Arrive at Leading Brand Company (Don't forget this means that someone has to pay for the transport)
Goods are then sent to Distribution Company (More Transport Costs! Don't forget the Distribution Company needs to generate profit to pay for all of their Staff, Rent, Heating and Advertising Costs etc)
Good Sent to Retailers where the Sale Happens (Again more transport & more profit required to keep the business going!)

So when you buy something in a pretty pack you have paid to keep at least 3 businesses in business

I hope this explains a few things for you, I wish you every success in your crafting projects.
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I really look forward to meeting you

(Founder of Affixit & devotee of Sticky Tape)